A webmail application allows you to send and receive e-mails via browser without having to create an email inside an app like Outlook or Thunderbird. If you take a trip, for instance, you'll be able to check your e-mail messages from an Internet café and you will not need to download, install or configure anything. Webmail applications are advanced enough to provide you with many options such as using an address book or making folders that will later come in your e mail client. As the webmail app works with the messages within the server, it is necessary that you use the IMAP protocol if you configure an email account on your computer. You can still use webmail if you select POP, but old e-mails won't be available due to the fact that they'll have been downloaded on the PC. You can take advantage of webmail as long as there is any sort of e-mail created with your website hosting account and using an email client before being able to use webmail isn't a requirement, so you can control your digital communication completely via an Internet browser.

Webmail RoundCube in Cloud Hosting

If you have a cloud hosting with our company, you can use Roundcube, an innovative webmail application. It is possible to access it either through the Hepsia website hosting Control Panel, used to manage the account, or directly by typing a URL in your Internet browser and then entering your e-mail and the password for it. You'll even be able to open the application under your own URL http://webmail.your-domain.com if the e-mails are employed by a business or maybe an enterprise, for example. Roundcube comes equipped with pretty much all the features that you could need from an email application and you can effortlessly create various identities for a particular e-mail address, set up and make use of an address book, make folders or HTML signatures, select the time zone according to what your location is at the moment, plus more.

Webmail RoundCube in Semi-dedicated Hosting

When you order a semi-dedicated server package through our company, you are able to manage your emails through a feature-rich webmail app named Roundcube. You have access to any mailbox from just about any region by typing the webmail’s URL inside a web browser and entering the e-mail address as well as its corresponding password, or if you can access your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, you can just click on any email and log in to Roundcube with no need of entering any password. If you need, you could also create a custom web address for the webmail and then use it rather than the standard one - a helpful option if you happen to host the site of some business or enterprise. Roundcube may be used as a primary email client due to the fact that it offers lots of features - address book, aliases, HTML signatures, and more.